Believe It

Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 | 0 comments

Part of Between takes place at Omega Institute during a songwriting workshop called, “No Wrong Notes.”   The beautiful setting in Rhinebeck, New York–the inspiring workshop run by David Roth–the fresh air, the lake and the campfire made me think:  hmm, this is just the perfect spot for a new romance.  The love story that ensues is pure fiction. However, during that workshop, the real-life Barbara did record two songs.  I’m including my favorite one here, called Aftermath.  I found the cassette tape buried in my files and, after sitting for so long, the tape got distorted.  I took it to an audio wizard who managed to get the waa-waa out of it, but the last words she sings, “Believe it” somehow got clipped. Once you click on the “Aftermath” hyperlink, you can hear the song in your media player. She has a lovely voice, and  you’ll enjoy the minute and a half of her singing....

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